BBC White Luminary Candles, 10 Hour, For Use with Luminaries / Luminary Bags, Set of 432
BBC White Luminary Candles, 10...
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BBC White Luminary Candles, 15 Hour, For Use with Luminaries / Luminary Bags, Set of 288
BBC White Luminary Candles, 15...
Sale: $109.62
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Luminary Candles

Bulk Luminary Candles
We sell our luminary candles in bulk quantities so you can enjoy our deeply discounted prices. We sell 10 and 15 hour, white, long burning luminaries in bulk quantities.

Luminary Candles Wholesale
Our luminary candles are offered with everyday wholesale prices. High volume sales allow us to offer the best pricing available.

How to Burn Luminary Candles
Luminary votive candles are generally burnt inside of a votive glass and produce a relatively small flame. The votive glass will contain the wax as the flames consumes it, therefore, the candle stays lit for the maximum burning period. Since luminaries / luminary bags are meant to be bright and illuminate the darkness, the candles used inside them have a much larger flame. These luminary candles also use a larger wick to consume more wax and are semi-resistant to the outside elements. As a result, these candles should always be placed in a luminary bag or on a plate away from any flammable structure or material.